Service Status

21/08/2021 3pm Power issues in Rhydcymerau area effecting some customers, power should be restored shortly. Resolved 3.23pm

21/08/2021 9am engineers are currently investigating a main link which is causing issues at Baran Mountain, Tonmawr, Pontrhydyfen and surrounding areas Resolved 1pm

17/08/2021 9am & 2pm engineers are installing temporary power supply at one of our main base stations which will cause a brief outage of aproximately 10 minutes at a time.

13/07/2021 4:40pm – Further Western Power High Voltage issues effecting some of some of our customers, they expect this to be resolved at 6:30pm

13/07/2021 2.55pm – A high voltage Western Power issue is effecting over 100 houses in Crosshands, our engineers are installing a temporary generator to restore power to parts of our network – Resolved 3:45pm

13/07/2021 2.23pm- A Western Power high Voltage fault is effecting customers in our Capel Iwan post code areas:

SA38 9RD, SA38 9RA, SA38 9NW, SA38 9RS, SA38 9LP, SA38 9RG, SA38 9LD, SA38 9RW, SA38 9RJ, SA38 9LW, SA38 9RL, SA38 9AY, SA38 9JF, SA38 9JE, SA38 9LR, SA38 9AX, SA38 9RH, SA38 9RE, SA37 0LH, SA37 0LJ, SA38 9JG, SA38 9RF, SA38 9JD, SA38 9NQ, SA38 9RN, SA37 0LQ, SA38 9LG, SA38 9RQ, SA38 9LL, SA38 9RT, SA37 0LL, SA38 9LT

Western power hope to have this resolved by 4pm,

12/07/2021 18:30 – A Western Power outage effecting over 202 houses in the SA14 area has effected one of our base stations, they predict power will be restored by 8pm, customers may have issues with our services on some IP addresses until this is resolved. Update WPD now estimate repair will be at 10pm. Resolved 12/07/2021 9.05pm

03/05/2021 4pm – adverse weather is effecting one of our key links causing intermittent connections feeding the Swansea, Felindre, Barran Mountain, Tonmawr and Bynea areas engineers will visit site to re-align the link as soon as its safe to climb

25/03/2021 9am – 1pm, temporary power is being installed in our Felindre site, customers may experience a brief outage during this period of a couple of minutes

24/03/2021 5:20 Bynea, Llanelli area customers may be experiencing an outage, engineers are investigating

23/02/2021 Bynea customers may see brief outages whilst our customer installs a generator for electrical work to be carried out at our mast site

16/03/2021 between 8.30 – 12.00 there will be a brief power outage of 15 minutes whilst improvements are being made to the power on one of our mast sites, this effects the Four Roads, Kidwelly and Pembrey areas.

11/03/2021 7.30am, engineers are investigating a link fault following last nights storm effecting Bynea, Felindre, Tonmawr, Pontrydyfen areas, we hope to resolve service as soon as possible – restored 8:45

06/12/2020 21.21pm Narberth/Pembrokeshire area outage, engineers are booked to investigate

03/12/2020 10:40am Narberth/Pembrokeshire customers will have a brief outage whilst our engineers upgrade a link to resolve bandwidth issues in the area.

01/12/2020 10:00am Narberth/Pembrokeshire area may have short outages whilst our engineers are repairing a cable fault effecting speeds in the area

27/11/2020 8:00am Narberth/Pembrokeshire areas will have a brief outage while our engineers are swapping over a link to improve the bandwidth in the area

02/11/2020 11:00am, engineers are investigating a link issue effecting, Milo, Ffairfach, Golden grove area, there may be brief outages whilst they test. Resolved 03/11/2020 08:40

31/10/2020 5:30pm Equipment failiure on one of our base stations in the Llanddeisaint area is effecting service for some customers, engineers to visit site tomorrow – resolved

25/10/2020 7:00am unlanned power outage at Pontrhydyfen effecting our base station and a small number of customers may be offline, Western Power predict this will be restored by 9:30am

17/10/2020 11:00-12:00 planned power impovements, Four roads, Kidwelly and Burry port areas may suffer a short outage while improvements are being carried out on our base station – Work completed

31/08/2020 14:35 there is currently a fibre outage effecting the Narberth and surrounding areas, we are working with the suppliers and should have an update soon. Update 18:00 – fibre backhaul has been resolved

29/08/2020 10:37 Llanedi customers are currently experiencing an outage due a lightning strike which has surged our equipment, engineers are currently working to replace the blown equipment.

Temporary link installed 29/08/2020 4:45

14/08/2020 10:39 an unexpected power outage has caused a fault on one of our links feeding the Llanddeusaint/Llanarthne/Capel Isaac areas, engineers are investigating
Resolved 12:58

12/08/2020 15:18 engineers are on-site investigating a service effecting issue in the Narberth, Haverfordwest area, we will update this page once we have further information
Resolved 16:33

17/07/2020 A service effecting link is currently offline effecting some customers, engineers are currently working on this link to restore service.
Resolved 15:26

13/07/2020 Link issues in the Llanddeusaint area, engineers are on route.

19/06/2020 Power outage in the Spital and Wiston area, engineers are on route with a generator, should be back online shortly

18/06/2020 Outage at base station feeding Milo/Fairfach/Trap area, engineers are on route – switch replaced all back online

13/06/2020 Bynea/Fordd Y Gamlais area are currently effected by a power outage at our base station, electrician is working on the fault and should be back shortly – resolved

07/06/2020 – Power outage at a base station effecting the Spittal and Wiston area, engineers are currently organising a generator to provide temporary power. Update – Generator is on-site and base station is online, there will be temporary power losses while work is ongoing.  Power supply now resolved 8/06/2020

13/05/2020 – Engineers working to improve links in and around the Manordeilo area, this may cause an intermittent connection while works are being carried out.

27/04/2020 18:33 We currently have an intermittent issue on one of our fiber feeds effecting anyone with an IP address beginning with 91, engineers are hoping to get this issue resolved asap. – Resolved 28/04/2020 00:31

10/04/2020 14:20 Unexpected power outage at ResQNet base station effecting some customers on 62 range ip addresses – 15:05 Update power restored

10/02/2020 09:55  Update – 11/02/2020 10.00am – power now restored

Storm Ciara had damaged a Western Power mast site feeding both the Cilycwm and Llanddeusaint areas, Western Power are on route to try to restore the power fault there.

14/01/2020 18:17

Storm Brendan has caused some damage to one of our links feeding the Llanedi area effecting a small number of customers, our engineers will remedy this fault as soon as its safe to climb

06/12/2018 6pm

Milo, Trap Carmel areas are currently effected by a link working at half capacity, engineers are due to climb and investigate this tomorrow (Friday 07/12/2018), we will update this notice as soon as we have further details. Update 09/12/2018 – Engineers are now due to climb on Monday to replace a faulty component. 10/12/2018 – Engineers have replaced equipment and this fault is now resolved.

30/11/2018 20:14pm – 1/12/2018 2pm Cable and wireless head unit has now been replaced and this fault has been resolved.

One of our links feeding Taliaris, Manordeilo and Bethlehem has developed a fault, engineers have been assigned to remedy this on Saturday morning, we will update this status as soon as this has been resolved.

29/11/2018 –  Update – Link restored 1pm

Llanybydder, Capel Iwan, Cilgerran areas are currently effected by a link outage on one of our Western power mast sites, engineers are on route to investigate and we will provide an update on progress


One of our fibre providers currently have an ongoing fault at their which can cause packet losses on our network, they are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

02/10/2018 –

We have been made aware of customers receiving unsolicited calls from scammers purporting to be from BT and they require remote access to the devices connected to the router.  This is a national scam and they are trying to elicit access to your private details and accounts.  We suggest you ask for their contact details (they will usually terminate the call) and report to who collate all these instances on a national basis.

Scam 2 has occurred when you will receive an automated call stating your telephone line is going to be cut off and press’1’ for further details.  Do not press 1 as this may divert the call to a premium rate line at your cost.  Just hang up the call.  Again refer to the actionfraud website to report.

30/08/2018 17:45, Western Power have resolved the power issues and all services are restored.

30/08/2018 16:36, Western Power are attending a High Voltage fault in the Swansea area of our network which is effecting a number of our base stations, Western Power predict work will be complete by 6pm.

24/02/2018 12.46 Link repair complete, all speeds should now be back to normal.

23/02/2018 Update on link repair 15:45 -Our access has been granted for us to change our radio tomorrow morning Saturday 24th February 2018.  We will update this service status after the work has been completed.

18/01/2018 11:00am Resolved 11:39am -Capel Isaac area customers will experience a poor connection this morning whilst our engineers replace a link that had been damaged in last night’s winds