Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Give your customers a secure public Wi-Fi hotspot. Give your customers yet another reason to choose you.

Starting from £1,500 (+ VAT)

  • A payment portal that can be enabled or disabled. This means you can either provide free Wi-Fi to your customers or charge for it.
  • Customisable home pages, meaning your Wi-Fi users must agree with your terms and conditions of use.
  • Zoning capabilities, which separate your business network from your public network. This allows one network to work as two virtual networks, blocking customers who are using public Wi-Fi from seeing the business network. It keeps you, and the customer, secure.
  • Content filtering so you can filter out adult material (and any other bad bits).
  • Statistics and reports on your customers, which give you data on who is using your Wi-Fi, why, and when – an important tool for both marketing and e-crime prevention.
  • All of our hotspot facilities are designed to comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.

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