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ResQNet Wireless Case Study – Berry Feeds, Morfa Bach Farm, Kidwelly

Four Roads ResQNet Wireless Customer

Four Roads Customer

Based in the heart of rural Carmarthenshire, Berry Feeds are a family-owned animal feeds and agricultural supplier specialising in high-quality animal feeds, supplements and local produce. The business was first established in 1996 and serves a wide range of customers across Carmarthenshire.

Business manager Sue Webb and owner Frank Berry also run three highly popular self-catering holiday cottages from the farm’s beautiful rural setting.

Berry Feeds first contacted ResQNet in 2016 to find a solution to their broadband problems. Their standard ADSL service was extremely slow and causing major issues for the business. The three cottages and farm shop were all suffering as a result of the problematic internet connectivity and it was starting to have a major impact on their services.

Unreliable, slow and intermittent services are all too common in rural areas and the daily frustrations of poor speeds and shared lines were becoming a major headache and having waited 8 months for a solution from an alternative provider, the business contacted ResQNet for help.

“Guests were constantly complaining at all hours of the day and night and demanding their money back when they had no internet service. One business owner had to stop their holiday and return home as he could not keep his business running remotely. BT crashes were frequent and it could take 6-8 weeks before it was back up and running. Ordering stock for Berry feeds was impossible some weeks.”

The initial installation covered the three holiday cottages directly from ResQNet’s nearby base station with three individual connections. Once the shop applied to come on board, the service was adapted with upgraded equipment to deliver the main service to the farm shop and feed the properties from there to increase the performance.

Steffan Davies, Technical Director of ResQNet Wireless Broadband explains that issues like these are all too common.

“Providing service to Berry Feeds was very technical due to their remote location. Like many rural businesses, they had no hope of receiving a suitable ADSL or fibre service despite their local exchange being enabled for fibre services, the distance from the business to the local exchange was just too great for conventional means.”

“Berry Feeds has an excellent reputation locally and is a well-established company, used by a vast number of local people and their broadband problems were having a major impact on their business. I’ve personally been a customer of Berry Feeds for many years and it was great for us to be able to provide them with a solution.”

Berry Feeds applied for assistance with the installation costs through the Welsh Government’s Broadband Support Scheme and were installed in November 2016. The low monthly fees, unlimited service and funding to cover the installation made it a very cost effective option.

Sue Webb, owner of Berry Feeds is very pleased with the service they have received.

“………what a difference – more confident that guests are happy and ordering stock is easier and faster. No longer have to make a cup of tea while waiting for a page to download!!….”

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