Our most frequently asked FAQ’s.

What is wireless broadband?

Wireless broadband works in the same way as your conventional wireless router at home. However, our more sophisticated backhaul links are point to point, rather than 360 degree, and are licenced by Ofcom. These links can reach distances of over 40 miles. We use these links as our backhaul links, normally from Western Power mast sites. From there, we are able to break out into a community, where we set up a small base station. These base stations provide our customers with access in and around a 5-8km diameter.

What are the benefits of wireless over wired broadband?

Wireless broadband offers a range of benefits:

  1. It’s faster than conventional DSL services
  2. It’s far-reaching into rural areas where other providers have failed
  3. It’s competitively priced
  4. There are no overhead lines or blocked ducts to fail
  5. It’s quick to deploy
  6. There are low latency links, great for online gaming
  7. There’s no need for landline rental

Isn’t wireless the same as satellite?

Satellites do not work as well as conventional broadband or wireless broadband. Because satellites are in geostatic orbit, they are a long way away from us. One result of this is delayed voice, meaning applications like online gaming leave their customers at a disadvantage. You may have noticed a massive delay in TV programs over conventional aerial and Sky satellite.


How many people need to sign up before ResQNet will bring a service to my area?

To start a community group, we normally need 10 or more properties in an area interested in the scheme. However, this isn’t set in stone, and there are a number of influencing factors, like how far you are from our network. If you are interested, head over to our Community Broadband page or get in touch.

How long will it take to bring ResQNet to my area?

Unlike larger providers, we promise to react as quickly as possible in deploying links into your area. But larger installations that require planning and licenced equipment can take a few months for approval.

How long will the installation take and what do I get?

A standard installation takes half a day. Our standard installation includes all the bracketry required to install the wireless receiver, router and 10m of external cable terminated neatly into a network point inside the house.

Will ResQNet be able to connect two of my buildings?

Yes we will. Once we know more about throughput required and your location, we can put a quote together for a point-to-point link. To discuss this further, contact our sales team.

What if ResQNet can’t bring me a service?

Please leave your details with us. Often, if we are able to get enough numbers in an area, we are able to set up a community scheme. On the small number of occasions that we are unable to reach customers, we have found that, as our network grows, it offers more possibilities to reach you.

The finer details

What is VoIP?

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a means of making calls over the Internet. This allows you to not need a telephone line, therefore keeping your costs down. For more information on our VoIP packages, go to our VoIP page.

Will you set up the VoIP?

Yes – if you have requested our telephone system alongside our broadband, this will be installed during the setup process.

How big will the radio on the outside of the building be?

Radio antenna sizes depend on the distance between your property and our base station. For short distances, we use a small device the size of a saucer. For longer distances, we use dishes that look similar to a satellite dish. When we survey your property, our engineers will work out what size equipment is required.

What kind of router will I need?

We provide you with a router, inclusive in the cost. Should you want to use your own router (not recommended) then you will need to purchase a cable router and inform us of the MAC address in advance, so that we are able to allow it on our network.

Will you set up the router?

Yes. We will set up your router on install.

What is a fixed IP address and will I get one?

All our customers get a fixed public IP address. For example, this allows you to have services like CCTV, as well as other IoT devices.

Will I get an email address with ResQNet?

Yes. You will get a free resqnet.co.uk mailbox with webmail and a customer control panel.

Will I be able to use streaming services like Netflix?

Of course! Sky, Netflix, NowTV, Amazon Prime, etc., are all commonly used on our network.

Will I be able to use my Xbox or Playstation on ResQNet?

Yes. Once you’re all set up, our service simulates standard DSL services. Everything that works on a conventional service will work on ours.

How will I monitor my usage?

We will monitor your usage and contact you if you go over our fair usage policy. Normally this isn’t a problem. If a customer continually exceeds 500gb per month, we will investigate further.


What do I do if I want to sign up to ResQNet but am currently with another supplier?

If you are getting less than 2mbps download speeds, then your broadband provider should not penalise you for early termination of a contract. Anything below 2mbps is not classified as broadband.

What happens at the end of the contract?

Your contract carries on as a month-by-month rolling contract.

What happens if I move house?

If you move house you will need to cancel your contract. You will only need to provide us with 30 days notice.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Should you wish to cancel please contact us on 01269 500055 so that we can check your account status and provide you with instructions.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly, from the date of set-up.

How can I pay?

Payments are made through standing order.

What happens if I use more data than is on my allowance?

The service is unlimited and there are no download allowances. However, we do implement a fair usage policy. Customers who frequently exceed 500gb per month are informed and removed or given dedicated packages.

Can I change my package once I have entered into a contract?

Simply contact sales@resq.co.uk and our sales team will contact you.

Do ResQNet charge a call out fee?

ResQNet do not charge for a call out fee, provided the fault is with our equipment. If the fault is internal – down to customer equipment – then we will charge £75 callout charge (which includes the first half an hour) then £45 per hour thereafter.